Diclofenac Spray 1% – Uniren


Uniren Spray
Diclofenac 1%
Brand : Unison Laboratories Co. Ltd
60ml Tube

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Diclofenac Spray 1%

Diclofenac Spray 1% Uniren works by stopping the production by the body of a substance which causes pain and inflammation during sprains, strains, bruises or other musculoskeletal conditions. It is a Non Steroidal Anti-inflammatory and analgesic drug.
Uniren Spray has the same specifications as Voltaren Gel, but the spray form is particularly useful in case of acute pain that does not allow to rub the affected areas.
The small bottle is easy to carry everywhere. You can take it to your sports training and competition, always ready to use in case of an accident. It will soon be your favorite first aid companion.

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How To Use Diclofenac Spray

Strictly follow the instructions given by your pharmacist or doctor. The indicated mode of use is suggested by the Amazon4health team but it may differ depending on your condition.

Diclofenac Spray is intended for external use only. It can be used by people over 12 years old, except pregnant or breastfeeding women.

Spray on the affected area 3 to 4 times a day and let the skin absorb the active ingredient for 1 minute. It has a slight menthol smell and you will feel a cold feeling on your skin. The feeling of pain will decrease quickly and you can then show your injury to a healthcare professional if you have a more serious problem.

This spray is mainly used in sport as a pain relief in first aid, but you can also use it as you do with the gel for example when the affected area is difficult to access. In this case, the duration of treatment is usually about 14 days and should not exceed 21 days.

Side Effects

This spray can have an adverse effect, especially if used incorrectly. Please contact a healthcare professional for more advice if you experience some of the side effects listed here:

  • Skin rash and warts
  • Breathing difficulties such as asthma
  • Severe sunburn during exposure to sunlight
  • Itchy skin rash
  • Appearance of eczema



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